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Lysistrata Jones: Slam Dunk!

Cast of "Lysistrata Jones"After a very successful sold-out run this past summer Off-Broadway, "Lysistrata Jones" has made the leap to Broadway and let me say, it's a slam dunk! On Saturday, December 10, 2011, I once again took in this really fun, energetic, and upbeat show about a college university basketball team who has not won a basketball game in 30 years. In an effort to help the team win a game, "Lysistrata Jones," convinces her girl posse to stop "giving it up" to their basketball boyfriends until they win! The way this plan is executed and the way boys react was hilariously played out by a very talented cast!

Keeping the original Off-Broadway cast in tact was a brilliant idea because the chemistry of this cast is magnetic! While I liked the staging Off-Broadway better, the heart, soul, and message of the show are just as powerful as before, if not more! The show still reminded me to never give up my dreams, no matter how much of an outcast it might make me. As long as I believe in myself, then eventually everything will fall into place. 

The girls of "Lysistrata Jones"Patti Murin and Jason Tam in "Lysistrata Jones"Once again, Patti Murin lead this wonderful cast in the role of "Lysistrata Jones." Patti's spirit, energy, and talent really shined throughout the whole show, especially during "Where Am I Now," Patti's voice was golden! Joining Patti in the spotlight were Lindsay Nicole-Chambers, LaQuet Sharnell, Katie Boren, Kat Nejat, and Liz Mikel. Each of these performers are stars! Lindsay, who plays book-worm "Robin," brought her phenominal comedic skills along with a beautiful singing voice. Everytime Lindsay was on stage, one thing happened, I laughed out loud, multiple times! When "Myrrhine," played by LaQuet Sharnell, sang, she engulfed, mesmerized, and grabbed your attention! LaQuet's soulfully powerful voice was always a delight to listen to, especially on "Don't Judge a Book!" She knows the meaning of control and when to let it out! When Liz Mikel, who played "Hetaira," took the stage, I was entranced by her booming vocals and comedic timing. Whether was a look or delivery, Liz kept a smile on my face. Katie Boren who played "Lampito," and Kat Nejat who played "Cleonice" rounded out the girls, each bringing their talented voices and good acting skills to the stage.

The Guys of "Lysistrata Jones"Josh Segarra and Patti Murin in "Lysistrata Jones"Leading the guys to victory was hunky Josh Segarra who's voice and acting skills were as smokin' as he was. Josh's vocals were most powerful on "When She Smiles," a beautiful love song about the girl his character, "Mick," really likes. Jason Tam, who plays "Xander," scored big with his impeccable dancing and vocals, especially on "Hold On." Jason's two big shining moments came when his character danced his way into the heart of our heroine "Lysistrata Jones." Rounding out the guys were Alexander Agular ("Uardo"), Ato Blankson-Wood ("Tyllis"), Teddy Toye ("Harold"), and Alex Wyse ("Cinesias"). Alex definitely lit up the stage with his talented rapping/rhyming. Alexander, Ato, and Teddy all added to the comedy, each with various shining moments.

With it's many relevant pop culture references, "Lysistrata Jones," scores big in laughter, song, and most of all talent! Playing at The Walter Kerr Theatre in NYC (219 West 48th Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue), "Lysistrata Jones" adds much game to this feel good show! Click here for tickets!


Lysistrata Jones

I recently saw the Transport Group's latest show, "Lysistrata Jones" at The Gym at Judson in NYC. If you are looking for a fun show with some extraordinary talent, then I would recommend "Lysistrata Jones." Adapted from Aristophanes' comedy, Lysistrata, with a book by Tony Nominee, Douglas Carter Beane and music/lyrics by Lewis Flinn, "Lysistrata Jones" takes you courtside with Lyssie and her girl-power posse who, in an effort to help The Athens University basketball team win a game for the first time in 30 years, decide to stop "giving-it-up" to their basketball boyfriends until they win a game. Does Lyssie's strategy work or just cause a lot of foul balls? "Lysistrata Jones" takes student activism to a whole new level and celebrates the journey of discovering and embracing who you truly are.

Each cast member brings their own power and greatness to this show. Patti Murin brings her spirit, spunk, and big vocals to the role of "Lysistrata Jones," especially on "Where Am I Now." Fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant LaQuet Sharnell who plays "Mhyrinne," brings her comedic and sultry talents along with her unforgettable powerhouse vocals, particularly on "Don't Judge A Book," whereas fellow participant Josh Segarra, "Mick," brings his humor, sexiness, and seductive vocals throughout, but most notably his voice shines on "When She Smiles," while fellow participant Jason Tam, "Xander," shows us what he's got with his superb dancing and vocals on "Hold On." Lindsay Nicole Chambers, "Robin," demonstrates her comedic genius, wit, and smartness along with her beautiful vocals. Katie Boren, "Lampito," can sing and when she does all eyes are upon her! I wish she had a full featured solo instead of a few solo's in the midst of a song. She would have lit the place on fire even more! Linking everything together with her humor and stupendously strong, controlled, and powerful vocals is Liz Mikel, "Hetaira." When Liz starts to sing, the audience not only takes notice, but is mesmerized! Liz sparkles on every song she sings, especially "Writing on The Wall."

My favorite moment comes in the final number, "Give It Up!" which is a fantastically awesome song about being yourself, remembering to do what you love with your life, and speak up for what you believe in! This high energy song is a terrific way to end such a fun show and has the potential to become a real hit and many people's personal anthem! I know it's already become mine!

So, if you are looking for a fun show with extraordinary talent, I suggest you treat yourself to the Transport Group's production of "Lysistrata Jones" which plays at The Gym at Judson (243 Thompson Street @ Washington Square South) through June 24! Click here for tickets!