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Adam's Call: A Very Sordid Wedding: A Real Homecoming

A few weeks ago I got to attend a special screening of Del Shores' A Very Sordid Wedidng, the lastest sequel in the Sordid Lives' saga. Right from the start, I felt as though, I had come back home to Winters, Texas. Despite a few cast changes, everything I love about the Sordid Lives brand was still there. Seeing "Latrelle," "Brother Boy," "Noleta," "Sissy," "Dr. Eve," "Wardell," "Odell," "Ty," "Juanita," "Vera," "G.W.," and "LaVonda" provided me with a sense of comfort that is the heart of Sordid Lives.

I love the way Del updated the script to include the passing of marriage equality. It was great how he progressed the show with this addition. Just like when Sordid Lives first started, the big theme was coming out and now all these years later, Del is still tackling the important issues faced by the gay community. It will be interesting to see what the next sequel will bring (Del, you see how I'm putting this out there already, that I want another installment?!?).

Bonnie Bedelia, Leslie Jordan, Rue McClanahan (portrait), Dale Dickey and Ann Walker in "A Very Sordid Wedding"But before we get that new film, let's walk down the aisle of A Very Sordid Wedding. Hands down the best part about this film was the way Del set it up. For those of us who were already fans of the Sordid Lives play/film/TV series, it's a real homecoming. For someone who has never seen anything Sordid Lives, Del has perfectly outlined who everyone is, what their relationship is to one another, and a brief history of their storyline.

So, let's throw some rice and celebrate this terrific film! "Brother Boy" is still in the mental hospital worshipping the late great Tammy Wynette, but this time around, he's added THE legendary Dolly Parton & Loretta Lynn to the mix. Leslie Jordan rocks it as "Brother Boy," keeping him living life on his terms and nobody else's. I have so much admiration for "Brother Boy's" courage to be true to who he is, despite all the teasing he gets. "Dr. Eve" is still tormenting "Brother Boy," but in a completly new and inventive way. Love Rosemary Alexander's portrayal of her! "Latrelle" is still learning how to accpet her son "Ty," but she's getting there. I feel she has come a long way since we last saw her. There is no other like Bonnie Bedelia (And the winner is....).

Leslie Jordan and Emerson Collins in "A Very Sordid Wedding""Noleta" is still enjoying her freedom from "G.W." and wanting to get laid by every man possible. At least this time, she has stepped up her game and gotten herself a real hunk! I just adore Caroline Rhea! She is such a great comedic actress and brings all her comedy tricks to this role. "Sissy" continues to quote the Bible while trying to accept the societal changes happening around her, but struggling. I do miss Beth Grant as "Sissy," but did enjoy seeing Dale Dickey back in the role. Then there's "LaVonda," played by the incredible Ann Walker. "LaVonda" has gotten herself in to a bit of trouble in this new tale, but as usual, she figures a way to get herself out of it. Ann just gets it and brings it all back!

Let's not forget "Juanita" and "Vera," played by Sarah Hunley and Lorna Scott respectively. There's not a moment when these two are on screen that laughter was not coming out of my mouth. Every scene with them was funnier than the one before! I couldn't get enough of them. "Ty" is still outspoken, making waves, changing people's minds. Kirk Geiger steps back into the role he originated, so it was nice to see him, but I did miss the depth that Jason Dottley brought to the role of "Ty."

David Cowgill, David Steen, and Sarah Hunley in "A Very Sordid Wedding""Wardell," "Odell," and "G.W." (played by Newell Alexander, David Cowgill, and David Steen respectively) all stayed true to their characters which added to that feeling of comfort and familiarity. 

I love the way Del paid homage to our dear Rue McClanahan (who played "Peggy" on Sordid Lives: The Series). Rue was such an integral part to the show, I definitely missed seeing her in this new story.

And no "Bitsy," meant no Olivia Newton-John. 

Whoopi Goldberg in "A Very Sordid Wedding"As for the new characters Del added into A Very Sordid Wedding, all of them integrated very well into the story. My favorites: "Billy Joe Dobson" (played by the sexy Emerson Collins), "Abernatha" (played by the one and only Whoopi Goldberg), "Kyle" (played by the delightful T. Ashanti Mozelle), "Hortense" (played by the divine Carole Cook), "Hardy" (played by the hunky Aleks Paunovic), "Jimmy Ray," (played by the ever wonderful Levi Kreis), and "Marty" (played by the hilarious Alec Mapa). 

There are a lot of twists and turns in A Very Sordid Wedding, which kept me on the edge of my seat. I was engulfed the whole time and didn't want the movie to end. That is all because of the genius writer that is Del Shores! One moment I was laughing, the next moment crying, then right back to laughing and a few jaw drops along the way. Not everyone can write so fluently, but Del can and always has!

A Very Sordid Wedding is just what the doctor ordered, especially in these trying unsettling times. A Very Sordid Wedding gives us the hope we are looking for. It shows us love will always win over hate. It's demonstrates that we can all grow and be more accpeting of others. It's a film that will leave a smile on your face long after it's over.

"A Very Sordid Wedding" CastAfter a sold-out premiere in Palm Springs last weekend, keep your eye glued to "Call Me Adam" as I will let you know of future screenings!

In the meantime, stay up-to-date with all things Sordid Lives at and follow the film on Facebook and Twitter!

If you missed my interview with creator Del Shores and star Ann Walker, you can watch it here!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Adam's Call: Miss Richfield 1981: 2020 Vision: I Can See Clearly Now

Call Me Adam and Miss Richfield 1981I can see clearly now that I attended Miss Richfield 1981's new show 2020 Vision: A Survival Guide For The New World at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC! Miss Richfield is back with an all new show and this is one night you don't want to miss. In these trying times, laughter is more important than ever and while at Miss Richfield's show, I laughed for a full 90 minutes!  

Miss Richfield knows in this post-election world, we are all living in the unknown, fearful of what tomorrow brings, but she is here to help us make it through! With her own brand of humor, Miss Richfield provides tips for us to survive. From love to music to an alternate reality with her special VR glasses (to find out what VR glasses are, you'll have to go see the show), Miss Richfield has a solution for every situation. Through audience participation, Miss Richfield showed us what it would be like to live in a world with perfect vision. She tried to play matchmaker for all us single guys in the audience while I left still unattached, but I appreciated her efforts.

Miss Richfield 1981Miss Richfield 1981Making this evening even more enjoyable were the original songs and fun videos. Parodying popular tunes, Miss Richfield helped lift our spirits with her original lyrics. I loved her "Stayin' Alive" parody! Her new video skits are hilarious, poking fun at Greyhound and Trump plus an inspiring montage to the powerful women throughout history including Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, Hillary Clinton, Harriet Tubman, Madonna, Cher, The Golden Girls, and so many more!

I have seen Miss Richfield several times over the years, but this show, 2020 Vision really puts things in focus! With just one show left, tomorrow, Wednesday, 3/16 at 9:30pm at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC (407 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue in the basement of the West Bank Cafe) 2020 Vision is the perfect show to see! Click here for tickets!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!

If you missed my interview with Miss Richfield 1981 about 2020 Vision, you can read it here!


Adam's Call: 5 Guys Chillin': An original, refreshing play that is a conversation starter

Theatre is meant to do many things. It's meant to entertain, distract, and commisterate with us. It's also meant to make us think and start conversations about subjects not openly talked about. Well, 5 Guys Chillin', by Peter Darney, is a new, original, refreshing play that is a conversation starter. 

Currently playing at the SoHo Playhouse as part of the The Fringe Encore Series (both NYC & Edinburgh), 5 Guys Chillin' gives an inside look into the world of chemsex (a term invented by gay men on sexual networking platforms that refer to the use of certain drugs in sexualised contexts) and chillouts (a gathering in a private hosue where drugs such as mephedrone, G, and crystal meth may be taken. Chillouts often turn into sex parties).

5 Guys Chillin' was created out of interviews conducted with guys found on various dating apps. While those interviews were edited, everything in this show is based upon the words of real people's experiences.

Cesare Scarpone and Elliot Hadley in "5 Guys Chillin'", Photo Credit: Oscar Blustin"5 Guys Chillin'", Photo Credit: Oscar BlustinMy eyes were certianly opened watching this show. I was shown a segment of the gay community I had only heard about, but never experienced. Well, tonight, through this show, I feel like I experienced it and I'm glad it was through this show and not real life. It was frightening watching and listening to what was happening not more than 10 feet in front of me. Random guys, though some friends & some couples, gather at someone's house getting high, talking, while sometimes having various states of sexual relations with each other at the party. The stories were mostly tales of their sexual conquests while taking drugs or of other chemsex parties. With their judgement impaired, a lot of unsafe decisions can be made. Some of the guys have contracted numerous STDs, while others were infected with HIV, and some had other life-threatening events happen to them.

As the show went on, the stories intensified, becoming more jaw-dropping than the one before. I was engulfed. I was saddened. I was dumbfounded that these kinds of parties go on. But there is a large segment of the gay community that do it and I guess love it. I've never been into drugs nor do I have a desire to try them, but I was fascinated by this whole concept in the fact that it exists.

Adi Chugh, Cesare Scarpone and Rick Yale in "5 Guys Chillin'", Photo Credit: Oscar BlustinRick Yale, Adi Chugh, Cesare Scarpone, Richard De Lisle and Elliot Hadley in "5 Guys Chillin'", Photo Credit: Oscar BlustinThe scariest part was learning about the guys who overdose at these parties. Most times, the one overdosing is having convulsions, but usually helped down to the ground by others at the chillout. Depending on who is in attendance depends on what happens next. Some of the guys who overdosed are just left to sleep it off, others are gang-raped, while others don't make it to the light of day. In 5 Guys Chillin' one of the characters OD and while he was just left in the middle of the party to sleep it off, two other characters end up having sex with each other, right on top of him as if he were the floor or the couch or the bed.

With everything that went on at these parties, it really made me think what happened to these guys that made them turn to drugs in the first place? Then I wondered, what would make them put their lives at risk like this? What makes them think this is the way to have fun? They all have a story that lead them to these parties and while the play doesn't get into that, it is something I'd love to see explored in a second installment or if this play were made into a film.

2016 Cast of "5 Guys Chillin'", Photo Credit: Oscar BlustinElliot Hadley, Adi Chugh, Cesare Scarpone in "5 Guys Chillin'", Photo Credit: Oscar BlustinWhat happens at these parties is definitely not my scene, but I really commend Peter for bringing this subject to the forefront. He has written a terrific, eye-opening play that is not easy to watch, but really should be seen. Not every theatrical experience is happy go lucky. Theatre also exists to show us real life scenarios that are hard to swallow.

Peter is not the only one who should be applauded for this show. The entire cast was terrific! Rick Yale, Cesare Scarpone, Elliot Hadley, Richard De Lisle, and Adi Chugh are really putting themselves out there, not only in their briefs, but in the vulnerability of their characters as well as being part of a play with a very tough subject matter. 5 Guys Chillin' easily made me feel like I was at a chillout and not a theatrical show. 

5 Guys Chillin' runs through October 9 only at The SoHo Playouse in NYC (15 Vandam Street). Click here for tickets!

If you missed my interview with Peter Darney, the playwright/director of 5 Guys Chillin', click here to read it!

Click here for more on 5 Guys Chillin'! 

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Adam's Call: Joel Creasey: A Comedy Legend in the Making

Call Me Adam and Joel Creasey at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYCLast November I saw a comedian whose name will be, if not already, on everybody's lips. That comedian was Joel Creasey! After interviewing Joel for "Call Me Adam," I had been hoping I'd get to see his show while he was in town. Well, as it turns out, I did get to see his show and I can flat out say, Joel Creasey is going to have a long comedy career!

His comedy style was fresh. He told stories about life in Australia, his time on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, opening for Joan Rivers, and his various dating adventures. While many comedians tell life stories, Joel had an ease to his style and delivery, not often seen with other comedians. Joel was engaging and had no difficulty putting smiles on our faces.

Joel Creasey, Photo Credit: Ed PurnomoJoel Creasey, Photo Credit: Ed PurnomoI could identify a lot with his dating woes. One of my favorite tales Joel talked about was his time on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Joel may have simply recounted the crazy events that happened on I'm A Celebrity, but the way he presented the events (like having to live with The Brady Bunch's Maureen McCormmick), he engulfed the audience, had us in the palm of his hands, and made us laugh so hard. My other favorite story Joel told was that of opening for Joan Rivers. I think this was favorite story because he showed a different side of Joan that not everyone got to see. He really described how Joan payed it forward with Joel, giving him some great advice about performing. It's advice he never forgot.

Joel CreaseyJoel's fresh take on life experiences was a welcomed addition to the world of comedy. It was great to see a comedian breathe new life into a performance genre that can sometimes blend together between comics. If you missed Joel last year, now is your chance to see this hilarious, bright, comedy legend in the making when he returns to The Laurie Beechman Theatre (407 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue inside the West Bank Cafe) with a new show playing August 4, 5, and 6th at 7pm! Click here for tickets!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Adam's Call: 92Y Talks: Terrence McNally's Mothers and Sons on Broadway: Inspiring, Informational, Incredible

Cast of "Mothers and Sons" with playwright Terrence McNallyWhen I found out the cast and creatives of Broadway's Tony Nominated Play Mothers and Sons (Tyne Daly, Terrence McNally, Sheryl Kaller, and Bobby Steggert) were going to be part of the 92nd Street Y Talk Series, I knew I simply had to be there. I have seen this powerful show twice already and while I was already eager to see the show a third time, after tonight's discussion, I need to get back there sooner rather than later! I was so inspired and moved by what I heard tonight.

Perez Hilton, Photo Credit: Angelo KritikosThe evening was moderated by celebrity entertainment blogger Perez Hilton. As far as I know, this was Perez's first time moderating a panel discussion like this and I have to say he did a great job! He asked very inquisitive questions, took questions from the audience, and made the evening very relaxed and fun.

Some of the highlights of tonight's evening that resonated with me was learning that Terrence McNally wrote Mothers and Sons with Tyne Daly in mind as the mother "Katharine Gerard" and Bobby Steggert in mind as the younger lover "Will Ogden." For his process of writing, Terrence likes to write for a specific actor with whom he would like to play the role(s) he's writing for. As far as whether or not the actor will actually play the role is a whole other story, but in the case of Mothers and Sons, both Tyne and Bobby jumped at the opportunity to work with Terrence once again. Terrence also discussed in his process of writing a show that he writes about something specific. In Mothers and Sons, Terrence feels the show is about the coat and the process of "Katharine" taking it off and putting it back on. Tyne agreed and went on to say that she feels "Katharine" can't ever quite get the coat to fit right. It's an interesting insight that I didn't pay as much attention to the first two times around, but now I will take a closer look at this when I go back to see it.

Sheryl Kaller, director of Terrence McNally's "Mothers and Sons" and Call Me Adam, Photo Credit: Paul C. FocazioAt one point during the discussion tonight, someone described the show as a gay play, but director Sheryl Kaller doesn't think of the show as a gay play. Some of the characters in the show just happen to be gay. She describes the show as a play about family, grief, and love. I couldn't agree more. As I stated earlier, I have seen this show twice and I do believe it's a show about family, learning how live after you lose someone close to you and how to love again. There are so many layers to this show that the themes in the show are universal to everyone. 

Bobby Steggert and Call Me Adam, Photo Credit: Paul C. FocazioI also enjoyed learning that Bobby identifies with "Will's" smartness, his love of writing, and that he's a good guy. I have read a few articles that Bobby has written for the Huffington Post and he provides a real insight into himself and his place in this world. Since reading some of Bobby's work, I have an even stronger admiration for him. I aslo agreed with Bobby on the fact that this show is so timely and the freedoms that the gay community have now would not have happened without the rallying of generations before us.

Grayson Taylor, Tyne Daly, Bobby Steggert, and Fred Weller, in "Mothers and Sons" on BroadwayTyne Daly brought a lot of insight to her character "Katharine." She talked about how she feels "Katharine" is stuck in her beliefs and her upbringing. I concur with this. "Katharine" is stuck, but it's wonderful to watch her growth throughout the show. Tyne also talked about being nominated for a Tony Award and while she likes being recognized by her peers, she doesn't take it further than that because then it can create a divisiveness amongst the cast. I thought that was very humbling of her.

Fred Weller and Tyne Daly in "Mothers and Sons" on BroadwayEveryone on stage tonight agreed that Mothers and Sons is a show that will stay with you. It's a show that opens up dialogue for many topics. It's a show that leaves you wanting more, wondering what happens to these characters in the coming years. It makes you really analyze each character. It's a show that gets you to participate whether you laugh or cry during the show and/or have conversations afterward. 

Cast of Terrence McNally's "Mothers and Sons"I could go on all night about what I found interesting from this panel discussion. The best way to get the full effect of what I've written here is to just go see Mothers and Sons and experience this rich play for yourself. I, personally, am so excited to go back and see Mothers and Sons for a third time with this new found insight into the show.

Mothers and Sons plays on Broadway at the Golden Theatre (252 West 45th Street). Click here for tickets! 

Follow the show at, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

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