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One Percent Better: Pride

Call Me Adam and Seth Maynard at Swerve Fitness MidtownWe've got Pride! Pride for who we are, pride for spinning, & pride for improving our lives by #onepercentbettereveryday! It was so great to be reunited with Seth Maynard at Swerve Fitness' new Midtown location! Their new studio is twice the size with lots of extra amenities that I love! But the one constant is Seth's energetic, inspirational, & fantastic workout! There's a lot of "Hot Stuff" happening in his class, so get thee in there and see for yourself why Seth is helping me make my life #onepercentbetter!


One Percent Better: My Dad

My dad, Alan Rothenberg and Call Me Adam after spin class at the JCC Long IslandWhat a way to end an incredible Father's Day weekend! Had a great time on Sunday with my family, but there is no greater feeling than getting to take a spin class with my dad just 14 weeks after his triple bypass surgery! I'm so glad he has gotten to this point so quickly. All those years he got up at 5am to exercise before he went to work really paid off. So, now, when I'm exhausted and not in the mood to workout, I think of my dad and all the work he did, which allowed him to recover much quicker from his surgery, and I am easily convinced to workout. My dad is a great workout partner! Can't wait until you are 100% back, but I'll take this 90% point whole heartedly! I love you more than you know! Here's continuing to improve our lives by #onepercentbettereveryday!

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One Percent Better: Wellthily + CYC Fitness Challenged Athletes Foundation #IRideFor at Gurney's Montauk

Wellthily + CYC Fitness Challenged Athletes Foundation #IRideForIt felt great to do my first workout of 2016 doing a benefit ride for Challenged Athletes Foundation via WellthilyCYC Fitness, and Gurney's Montauk! Challenged Athletes Foundation supports athlete's with disabilities. Everyone rode for a different reason...some rode for confidence, some for sanity, & others for fun, but whatever our personal reasons were, we all rode together as a team for a wonderful organization! This ride reminded me of what's important in life! I'm glad to have done this ride with my "navy seal" Paul! Hunter Jay was a terrific instructor & I can't wait to take his class in the city! Thank you Lizzy Wein for putting this fantastic event together and helping me improve my life by #onepercenterbettereveryday!

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One Percent Better: #awesomenotaverage

Call Me Adam, Mr. Ray, Sebastian Goldberg at Fix-RxNThis #classpassambassador finally made it back to Fit_RxN via ClassPass & got to take the founder's Mr. Ray's "30/30 Class." What a challenging class this was...30 minutes of spin then 30 minutes of weight/TRX work. I was sweating like crazy! But what made this class so fun was taking it with ClassPass enthusiast Sebastian Goldberg! Together, we kicked butt improving our lives by #onepercentbettereverday! See you soon Mr. Ray!

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One Percent Better: Spinning in circles

Fahad Kiani and Call Me Adam at NYSCYet another awesome spin class tonight taught by Fahad Kiani at NYSC! When Fahad is at the wheel, you Stand Back Up & Take It Higher, but Not Too High! 

Fahad really worked us tonight, but all that work is so worth it! Fahad's class is challenging, but I'm getting better at spin and my muscles are slowly adjusting! Who knew getting in shape could be so much fun!! Love improving my life by #onepercentbettereveryday!