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We are a group of people dedicated to improving our lives by 1% everyday.



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One Percent Better: Warrior Fitness Bootcamp

To date, Warrior Fitness Bootcamp is my toughest class! A bootcamp class taught by former marines is testing my limits for sure, but also helping me get stronger and giving me a sense of security in these uneasy times! Thank you to the great men at this studio who come on my journey of improving my life by #onepercentbettereveryday! I salute you! See you back on the battle ground soon!

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One Percent Better: Two Class Tuesday

Call Me Adam and Laura Cozik at Mile High Run ClubIt was Two Class Tuesday for this #classpassambassador! This week through ClassPass, I ran towards the strength at Mile High Run Club with the great Laura Cozik guiding us through our run! She told us a great story about a guy who had met his "navy seal," someone who pushes him to do better when he gets stagnant, and as she was telling this story I looked over at one of my best friends, Paul, and said you are my "navy seal" because you push me to do better and change things up.

Call Me Adam at CrossFit SOLACEAfter a challenging run in the morning, I went to build my strength at CrossFit SOLACE with killer instructor Kenny Santucci. Kenny's class always pushes me beyond my limits because Kenny tells us what weight to use and there is no going lower than what he says, so it forces you to get stronger. He had me lifting much heavier than normal, but I was lucky that evening because my second "navy seal," my other best friend Joe, was there with me encouraging me to work harder. How could I not, Joe was lifting even more than I was told to.

I was exhausted after class, but I made through this enduring day because I had my two "navy seals" with me encouraging me to improve my life #onepercentbettereveryday!

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Call Answered: One Percent Better Interview with Body Space Fitness Trainer Andy Wegman

Call Me Adam and Andy Wegman at Body Space FitnessI have been taking Andy Wegman's "Metabolic Burn" class at Body Space Fitness in the heart of NYC's Chelsea for a few months now. I stumbled upon this class after searching through ClassPass' numerous offerings and I decided to try it out.

Well, after one class with Andy, I knew I had to keep coming back and make sure I took my 3 class a month limit (the allotment allowed through ClassPass). In the few months I have been at Body Space Fitness, I have seen myself get stronger. I'm able to do more push-ups than when I first started, I don't need the assisted pull-ups as much as I used to, and I'm able to push almost 50lbs on the sled. 

My transformation has been great and it's all because of Andy's coaching, encouragement, and correcting my form as needed. In a class size that can range from 10-15 people, I still feel like Andy is coaching me. He makes sure he knows everyone's name and pays attention to each student taking class.

I am so glad ClassPass lead me to Andy! I am definitely #onepercentbettereveryday because of it! It was wonderful getting to learn more about Andy's journey into fitness and how he found his way to Body Space Fitness!

For more on Body Space Fitness visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Call Me Adam's "One Percent Better" interview with Body Space Fitness' Andy Wegman:

Andy WegmanMore on Andy:

Andy has been working as a Certified Athletic Trainer since graduating from the University at Buffalo in 2009. Upon graduating he received a Master Degree in Athletic Training and Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science. Andy has worked in all levels of athletics including high school, college and professional settings, along with having experience in physical therapy clinics. He has also had the opportunity to volunteer at the 2011 USA Track & Field Championships, 2012 USA Track & Field Olympic Trials and the 2014 & 2015 USA Wrestling Beat The Streets Matches in NYC.

Andy’s passion in athletic performance comes from his love for endurance sports such as triathlons/duathlons, running/cycling racing along with playing soccer and ultimate frisbee. His goal is to help all people whether injured, healthy, athlete or weekend warrior to pursue there goals to the best of their abilities.

Specialties: Performance Enhancing, Injury Rehabilitation Training, Multi-Sport Performance

Certifications: M.S. Athletic Training University at Buffalo; B.S. Exercise Science University at Buffalo; CPR/AED


One Percent Better: Day 4 of 5 at Barry's Bootcamp: Run, Run Run

Call Me Adam and Joe Buffa at Barry's BootcampI am not sure how I made it through my 4th day at Barry's Bootcamp, but somehow with just 4 1/2 hours of sleep, I made it through with a smile! Thank You to Joe Buffa for getting me going and making me run my fastest yet! How did I do that with so little sleep? I guess when you see someone as in shape as Joe, it doesn't matter how tired you are, you just strive to do #onepercentbettereveryday!


One Percent Better: Day 3 of 5 at Barry's Bootcamp: Abs of Steal

Call Me Adam at Barry's Bootcamp December 2014Alycia SteveninWell, it's day 3 at Barry's Bootcamp and I'm dying! For as much as my body hurts, I am feeling a change. I am feeling empowered and oddly enough, looking forward to my next work out. I never thought I would look forward to exercising, but when you start to see results and things in your life change, like sleeping better, it makes you want to continue to improve your life! 1%, that's all I am doing everyday. These small changes feel awesome! Through my stomach aches from hardcore abs, I'd like to Thank Alycia Stevenin for kicking my butt and making me work for my smoothie! #onepercentbettereveryday