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We are a group of people dedicated to improving our lives by 1% everyday.



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One Percent Better: Pride

Call Me Adam and Seth Maynard at Swerve Fitness MidtownWe've got Pride! Pride for who we are, pride for spinning, & pride for improving our lives by #onepercentbettereveryday! It was so great to be reunited with Seth Maynard at Swerve Fitness' new Midtown location! Their new studio is twice the size with lots of extra amenities that I love! But the one constant is Seth's energetic, inspirational, & fantastic workout! There's a lot of "Hot Stuff" happening in his class, so get thee in there and see for yourself why Seth is helping me make my life #onepercentbetter!


One Percent Better: Every Peddle Stroke Makes You Stronger

Mario Martinez and Call Me Adam at Flywheel Sports Lincoln Square NYCI am so glad to be flying again with Mario Martinez at Flywheel Sports! His energy & dedication is infectious to be around. He really cares for each & every student that comes into his class. He makes sure to know everyone's name & supports you throughout your ride. His music is pumping keeping me motivated to peddle faster, but it's his mantra, "Every peddle stroke makes you stronger," that really pushes me forward to improve my life by #onepercentbettereveryday! Thank you Mario for helping me improve my life by #onepercentbetter with every peddle stroke! See you soon!

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One Percent Better: Wellthily + CYC Fitness Challenged Athletes Foundation #IRideFor at Gurney's Montauk

Wellthily + CYC Fitness Challenged Athletes Foundation #IRideForIt felt great to do my first workout of 2016 doing a benefit ride for Challenged Athletes Foundation via WellthilyCYC Fitness, and Gurney's Montauk! Challenged Athletes Foundation supports athlete's with disabilities. Everyone rode for a different reason...some rode for confidence, some for sanity, & others for fun, but whatever our personal reasons were, we all rode together as a team for a wonderful organization! This ride reminded me of what's important in life! I'm glad to have done this ride with my "navy seal" Paul! Hunter Jay was a terrific instructor & I can't wait to take his class in the city! Thank you Lizzy Wein for putting this fantastic event together and helping me improve my life by #onepercenterbettereveryday!

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One Percent Better: Class Pass

Post workout Mani/Pedi/Massage at Pure Spa II in NYCAfter a month of doing group classes at New York Sports Club, my roommate found out a new fitness start-up called Class Pass. Class Pass partners with various gyms and boutique stuidos around the city and offers its members the opportunity to workout at them for one montly payment of $99 per month. For $99, you get to go to as many studios as you want within your month, but you can only go to 3 classes per studio per month. 

So after doing some research on them, we decided to join! So far, we have coordinated our schedule to take classes together, which is great, because I am hoping this partnership between my roommate and I will continue to give me the motivation to keep working out and improving my life my 1% everyday. 

The first two studios we signed up for was Row House (near Columbus Circle) and CYC Fitness (housed with Astor Place's David Barton Gym). Row House offers a few different classes centered around rowing machines. CYC Fitness is a spin studio housed with in Astor Place's David Barton Gym.

As an introduction to Class Pass, these two studios were great! Both clean and well kept. Both classes were a bit of a challenge for me. I'll start with Row House, which I did on Saturday. Rowing for 45 minutes is a great's a full body workout. Cardio, arms, legs, and at Row House they include abs and core work too. I was exhausted after this workout. I felt good, but to be honest, I'm not sure Rowing is the best activity for me. With my prior knee injury, rowing was a bit too hard on it and my back is hurting, but that's probably because I used back muscles for the first time I have never used. So, would I retrun to Row House? That is still out for debate, but that is not because it was a bad studio. It was a wonderful studio with a great instructor. I'm just not sure this particular exercise is for me, but we will see.

Call Me Adam and friends at CYC Fitness NYCOn Sunday, my roomate and I went to CYC Fitness, housed inside Astor Place's David Barton Gym. This spin studio is something new to me in the way it's set up. First of all, I'm used to wearing my sneakers when I spin, but at this studio, I had to rent special Spin shoes that clip on to the bikes. Just clipping these shoes onto the bike took some getting used to as did setting up the bike, but the instructor was so helpful in getting the bike set up for me. So, now that the bike was all set up and I was clipped in, class started off with a bang. With the music blaring, the lights down, and some special lighting effects, we went right into it. The instructor did give some direction, but she taught the class as if everyone knew what they were doing and she wasn't always audible, with the music so loud. It does take some time getting used having your feet clipped into the bike. There were a few moments I thought I was going to fall out of them shoes and when we stood up, I didn't feel so secure. So, despite those few downers, this was a good class and I sweated like I have not sweated before. So perhaps with a different instructor, I would like this place better.

But after two challenging workouts I treated myself to a post workout mani/pedi/massage at A Pure Spa II (my favorite mani/pedi place in New York City's Chelsea area)! And that was heaven! #onepercentbettereveryday

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One Percent Better: Spinning in circles

Fahad Kiani and Call Me Adam at NYSCYet another awesome spin class tonight taught by Fahad Kiani at NYSC! When Fahad is at the wheel, you Stand Back Up & Take It Higher, but Not Too High! 

Fahad really worked us tonight, but all that work is so worth it! Fahad's class is challenging, but I'm getting better at spin and my muscles are slowly adjusting! Who knew getting in shape could be so much fun!! Love improving my life by #onepercentbettereveryday!