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We are a group of people dedicated to improving our lives by 1% everyday.



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One Percent Better: Packing a punch

Natalie Raitano and Call Me Adam at Barry's Bootcamp Tribeca NYCThe one constant I can always count on when I take Natalie Raitano's Barry's Bootcamp class is that it will surely pack a punch! And when you take her Friday class, it's tapped as #FireFriday & let me say, her class was HOT ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ It was so intense that after the first round of running & weights, I had to resort to double floor and do only weights, which was still a killer! The burn I felt in the days after reminded me of one thing...Natalie=change! If you put in the work, Natalie's class will always change you & improve your life by #onepercentbettereveryday!

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One Percent Better: Every Peddle Stroke Makes You Stronger

Mario Martinez and Call Me Adam at Flywheel Sports Lincoln Square NYCI am so glad to be flying again with Mario Martinez at Flywheel Sports! His energy & dedication is infectious to be around. He really cares for each & every student that comes into his class. He makes sure to know everyone's name & supports you throughout your ride. His music is pumping keeping me motivated to peddle faster, but it's his mantra, "Every peddle stroke makes you stronger," that really pushes me forward to improve my life by #onepercentbettereveryday! Thank you Mario for helping me improve my life by #onepercentbetter with every peddle stroke! See you soon!

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One Percent Better: Warrior Fitness Bootcamp

To date, Warrior Fitness Bootcamp is my toughest class! A bootcamp class taught by former marines is testing my limits for sure, but also helping me get stronger and giving me a sense of security in these uneasy times! Thank you to the great men at this studio who come on my journey of improving my life by #onepercentbettereveryday! I salute you! See you back on the battle ground soon!

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One Percent Better: Fuel Up

Dan Gutierrez and Call Me Adam at Barry's Bootcamp NYC ChelseaOne of the best things about working out at Barry's Bootcamp is when you get to see your friends after an intensely hard workout. I am thrilled my friend Dan Gutierrez is part of the Barry's family! He's definitely an inspiration with all the hard work he has been doing on his own body. So glad to have Dan in my corner cheering me on to do my best to improve my life by #onepercentbettereveryday!

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One Percent Better: What Changes Have I Seen?

Call Me Adam and Mike Espinosa at Barry's Bootcamp NYCIt’s been a little over a year since I started my One Percent Better campaign, always saying, how my fitness regime is improving my life by #onepercentbettereveryday. Well, what does that mean exactly? How can I measure my changes?

For the most part, the biggest daily change I’ve seen is in my stamina. I am able to get through each exercise with a bit more breath and ease. I have increased the amount of weight I use for some of the exercises I do. I’ve gone from using 12lb kettlebells to 18lbs to 25lbs to 36lbs, and sometimes higher, but that is still a struggle for me. When I use a heaveir weight, do I get through the whole set with the heavier kettlebell, hardly, most times I have to drop down to a lighter weight. But the #onepercentbetter improvement is the fact I can do some reps at this heavier weight. I still struggle with 25lb kettlebells, but I push myself to stay at that weight and some days I really push myself to a heavier weight. But the use of these multiple weights has allowed me to experiment with different routines and show myself what I can do and what I still have to work for. While I’m doing 25lbs or higher kettlebell work, at a studio like Barry’s Bootcamp, I still need to use 15lb weights for most of the exercises there. Sometimes, I can get away with a 20lb weight, but that is a real challenge for me, but I make the #onepercentbetter improvement by doing a few reps or some days, just one rep with that heavier weight because eventually, I’ll get stronger, and be able to do more reps with a heavier weight. It just takes time.

Call Me Adam and Charlene Lite at Crunch in NYCSammy Wong, Call Me Adam, Isaac Pena at Exhale Spa NYCI’ve been doing yoga at Crunch and Exhale for this past year and a bit. The combination of these two classes, plus all the other workouts I do has made me visibly stronger in class. The most noticeable difference happened just last month when for the first time ever, I was able to get into crow pose and hold it for a second. Yes, it was one very quick second, but prior to that, I was not able to hold it all, so this #onepercentbetter is a great feat for me. I was so proud of myself. Now my goal is to hold it for two seconds and eventually, I’ll be able to hold it as long as they do in class. At Exhale’s yoga, with Isaac Peña, he has us do a lot of wall work. Well, I have to do modified handstands because I don’t have the core/shoulder strength to do a straight up handstand. So, what I do is put my feet on the wall and do a reverse handstand. Well, last month, with Isaac’s assistance, I was able to do a regular handstand against the wall without having to modify. Yes, I was only able to hold the handstand for a few seconds, but considering, where I came from of not being able to get up at all, that’s a vast improvement.

Call Me Adam and Laura Cozik at Mile High Run Club in NYCHeidi Jones and Call Me Adam at Brick Grand Central NYCAnother big improvement I’ve seen with #onepercentbettereveryday is how much stronger my legs have gotten over the past few months. There was quite a while where I had knee issues that prevented me from doing a lot of the workouts as is. I needed modifications a lot. But it was those modifications that allowed my knees to heal yet continue to work and get stronger. Now, I may still need to modify certain moves, but I’m doing more of the instructed workouts over modified exercises. It’s nice to see. I’ve also been able to go back to spin on a regular basis and get to a point where I could re-introduce running again. What an incredible feeling to be able to do exercises I never thought I’d be able to do again. It’s very important for me to do these cardio only classes because towards the end of last year, I hit a plateau in my working out and for as much as I was working out, very little change was happening with my body. Lucky for me, I had, my "navy seals" (a term coined by Mile High Run Club trainer Laura Cozik. Your "navy seal" is someone who pushes you out of your comfort zone) Paul Focazio and Joe Chillemi on my side who encouraged me to get back to spin and do more classes that offer running like Mile High Run Club, Barry’s Bootcamp, and Brick. So, I slowly started returning to these studios. With in a few months, I have noticed a change in my body. I’m slimming down more and getting more fit. It’s so exciting! When I run on the treadmill during these classes, I sprint anywhere between a speed of 8.5 and 9.5, which for me, is incredible. As I feel my body getting stronger, I try to increase my speed, even if it’s just by .1 for as little as 10 seconds. Eventually, these small changes, will make me stronger and faster.

Call Me Adam and Derek Stratton at BFX NYCNow, don’t get me wrong, when I’m not in class, I have to take care of my body, especially my legs, meaning, I have to stretch everyday and use my foam roller to roll out my leg muscles. Do I do this every single day as I’m supposed to? No, because I’m human. I do it more often than I used to. When I don’t do it regularly, my leg muscles are much tighter and often hurt when I walk. So, in this regard, I continue to have a goal of #onepercentbettereveryday to include taking care of myself in between classes. It’s such a daily struggle, but I’m working on it.

My #onepercentbettereveryday campaign has been a smashing success. It’s nice to see all the changes in my body, the moves/poses I’m able to do now that I couldn’t do even just a few months ago. All the classes I take compliment each other and allow me to do things in each class I wasn’t able to do prior. By taking this obtainable number, I am making positive improvements in my life. I can’t take all the credit myself. I have all the trainers, studios, ClassPass, and most of all, my navy seals who are constantly encouraging me to push myself more. All that pushing has helped me see I can be #onepercentbettereveryday and you can too! So, come on this journey with improve your life by #onepercentbettereveryday!

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