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We are a group of people dedicated to improving our lives by 1% everyday.




One Percent Better: Starting my fitness journey

Stephen Land Jr. and Call Me AdamWell a few weeks ago I published my first One Percenters post and in that post I said I wanted a better body. Everyone has that moment when they realize it's time for a change. For me, that time, came a few weeks after publishing my first post in this section. I did an interview with Stephen Land Jr., who developed the Real Men Wear Pink calendar. It was during that interview, I saw, just how out of shape I was. There I was interviewing a very attractive guy and I felt like an elephant next to him. It was in that moment, I decided now is the time to take action. Well, it took another few weeks, but I am finally taking that step towards improving myself by 1%.

After Fahad Kiani's spin class at NYSC Nov 2014I started spinning at NYSC by taking Fahad Kiani's spin class at the suggestion of my roommate. Boy was this class tough. There's a lot to get used to when riding those bikes, but like I learned growing up, it takes time to ride a bike, but eventually, one day you just ride. So here's to my first class and to moving towards the better body I am longing for!

I loved Fahad's motivation during class. He keeps shouting, "Stand back up, stand back up and take it higher!" Those words move me to add more resistance to the bike and work harder. I'm feeling good after another great spin class taught by Fahad! #onepercentbettereveryday


Welcome to the One Percent Better

Terri Ivens and Call Me Adam on the set of "Tainted Dreams" in NYC, Photo Credit: Robbie RozelleDuring her Tainted Dreams interview with Call Me Adam's Adam Rothenberg, actress Terri Ivens ("Simone Torres" from All My Children) divulged her life philosophy of how she is improving her life everyday by 1%. Out of that interview comes #onepercentbettereveryday!

The reason for this section of my website is because I am tired of just wanting to improve my life. It's time I actually start doing it! I have seen so many people achieve goals for themselves and I want to achieve more for myself! There are so many things I want that it's time I start taking the necessary steps to do that. I want to be in better shape. I want "Call Me Adam" to continue to grow. I want to do a live show again. I want to be back on the radio. I want to get into television, film, or theatre. I want to host special events. I want, I want, I want. 

Well, if I'm ever going to get what I want, I have to start doing. I have to start doing more than I have been. I have been talking a lot, but my actions have not caught up. So it's time to strip down and really take a look at myself and figure out the best way to achieve more than I have. I am in a pleatu and it's time to climb some hills so I can enjoy the ride down to my next challenge.

I hope through my own journey, I will in turn, inspire others to improve their life by 1%. If you are inspired by what I am doing, I hope you will take the time to tell me what you are doing to improve your life by 1%. What goals do you want achieve? What steps are you taking to do this?

I do want to put a disclaimer out there that I am not by any means a nutrionist or fitness expert. I am simply chronicling my journey and what feels right for my body. This is not right for everybody. It's just right for me.

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