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One Percent Better: ClassPass Holiday Party 

Call Me Adam at the ClassPass OfficesJust swinging into the welcoming offices of ClassPass at the first ever #classpassambassador holiday party! What a fun time seeing the behind-the-scenes action & getting to meet all the other ambassadors! Here's to working out, making friends, & improving our lives #onepercentbettereveryday!

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One Percent Better: Friends Workout

From left to right: Joe Chillemi, Call Me Adam, Alexis Kirsch, Peter Moskowitz and Paul C Focazio at EVF Columbus CircleOne of my favorite classes via Classpass is EVF Performance: EVF 360 with Alexis Kirsch! It's pretty much the one class my friends & I always take together. It helps to have friends workout with you because they can encourage you or inspire you during the workout when you are running out of steam. To have this kind of support on top of Alexis' encouragement is a wonderful compliment! Alexis loves having us and we love her even more! #onepercentbettereveryday

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One Percent Better: Managing Stress during the holidays

Joseph Cannuscio and Call Me Adam at Aqua Studio's Kundalini Yoga and MediationThe holidays can be a stressful time if you let them, but thanks to Aqua Studio via ClassPass this #ClassPassAmbassador is thrilled to have discovered Joseph Cannuscio, one of my two favorite Kundalini Yoga & Meditation instructions. Joseph's calming personality & knowledge of this practice makes my Sunday afternoons quite relaxing! His instructions on each move are clear & concise. He answers any questions I might have. Thanks to this great practice, I am calmer than ever & learning I'm exactly where I'm meant to be! #onepercentbettereveryday

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One Percent Better: My 200th Class

Call Me Adam and Juan Higalgo at BFX StudioThis picture BFX Studio with Juan Hidalgo signifies my 200th class via ClassPass! BFX Burn is a great class that combines cardio and low-impact weights. This past year has been quite a feat for me in regards to dedicating myself to fitness! I am so much stronger both mentally & physically than a year ago. When I started this journey, I couldn't even lift 12lbs, now I am slowly inching my way to lifting between 25lb & 30lb kettlebells. I am at my best physical shape ever! It's an honor to be a #ClassPassAmbassador now & encourage others to get on their own fitness journey! #onepercentbettereveryday

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One Percent Better: I'm Exactly Where I'm Meant To Be

Paul C. Focazio, Anne Koller, Call Me Adam at Kundalini Yoga & Meditation at Aqua StudioThrough Kundalini Yoga, I'm slowly learning I'm exactly where I'm meant to be. I was so excited to get to take Anne Koller's Kundalini Yoga and Mediation class at Aqua Studio via ClassPass! Anne was the genius who suggested Kundalini Yoga to me. Her class & care for each person is truly inspiring! As a #ClassPassAmbassador, I'm so proud to have brought a few people along with me to experience this meditative yoga with just a little bit of activeness! Thank You Anne for introducing me to this practice. #onepercentbettereveryday

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