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We are a group of people dedicated to improving our lives by 1% everyday.




One Percent Better: BRICK gets me Stronger and Stronger

Tyler Manzo and Call Me AdamThumbs up to Tyler Manzo at Brick New York via ClassPass for making this #classpassambassador stronger & stronger! I can't believe I made it thorugh this class. After months of knee issues, I finally felt strong enough to get back on the treadmill and you know, my knees are getting stronger! I was able to run the whole time we had to on Brick's true form treadmill. This is a treadmill where you determine how fast or slow you go. It was very exciting to run again. In addition to running, Tyler had us rowing, swinging kettlebells and doing wall balls (where you squat down and then throw the ball to a certain height, catch it, and squat down again). I definitely feel all the work in my knees, but it's nice to see I'm slowly getting back to where I was. Thank you Tyler for always pushing me to be #onepercentbetter everyday!

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One Percent Better: 1, 2, 3, Juan

Call Me Adam and Juan Hidalgo at BFX Studio in Chelsea, NYC1, 2, 3 Juan! Juan Higaldo's Burn class at BFX Studio via ClassPass is hot 🔥🔥 Like the work we're doing, you have to climb a lot of mountains to reach the top! Thanks Juan for making this #classpassambassador work hard to achieve my goal of #onepercentbetter everyday!

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One Percent Better: #awesomenotaverage

Call Me Adam, Mr. Ray, Sebastian Goldberg at Fix-RxNThis #classpassambassador finally made it back to Fit_RxN via ClassPass & got to take the founder's Mr. Ray's "30/30 Class." What a challenging class this was...30 minutes of spin then 30 minutes of weight/TRX work. I was sweating like crazy! But what made this class so fun was taking it with ClassPass enthusiast Sebastian Goldberg! Together, we kicked butt improving our lives by #onepercentbettereverday! See you soon Mr. Ray!

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One Percent Better: Train More, Fear Less

Call Me Adam and Body Space Fitness studio owner Kelvin GarySometimes you get to Body Space Fitness' "Body Camp" via ClassPass expecting Andy Wegman & when you arrive, you get the studio owner Kelvin Gary. Well, Kelvin, there is a reason you own this studio & this #classpassambassador;is grateful for what you offer! Body Space Fitness' "Body Camp" is a strength building circuit class. So the weights are heavier and there is not as much cario. From kettlebells to TRX work to pushups to weighted squats, this class will making you stronger. That strength you are building will help give you the confidence you need to face this crazy world! Thank you Kelvin for the terrific workout and helping make me #onepercentbettereveryday!

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One Percent Better: Building Up Your Core

Chasing Sammee, Call Me Adam, Kristin CalabriaThe most important muscle in your body to build up is your core. It's the center of everything from balance to protecting your back while exercising, it's the one muslce that always needs work. What better way to get this muscle fired up then taking Exhale Spa's "Core Fusion Sport" class. This cardio based class not only builds up your core muscles, but it also helps tone your whole body!

Not more than 3 days after meeting, #classpassambassador @chasing_sammee & I reunited for #CoreFusionSport Exhale Spa in the Meatpacking district in New York City! @kstarcalabs class was great! I felt my muscles strengthen & core get tighter! It was great having the energy of Sammee & other ClassPass enthusiasts in the room! Here's to staying centered during the holidays while getting #onepercentbettereverday!

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