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We are a group of people dedicated to improving our lives by 1% everyday.




One Percent Better: Has Boxing Been Good To You?

Call Me Adam and Michael Tosto at Title Boxing NYCI am not sure why this #classpassambassador stayed away so many months from Michael Tosto's Title Boxing NYC class via ClassPass...but I was so happy to end my year, at my 234th class, in one of the studios I started at! Michael's class is kick-ass tough and you are there to work for the full hour. It was great to pack my final punch of 2015 in Michael's class ending the year improving my life by #onepercentbettereveryday!

Click here, if you missed my interview with Michael about what made him want to run Title Boxing NYC! His story will inspire you!

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One Percent Better: Two Class Tuesday

Call Me Adam and Laura Cozik at Mile High Run ClubIt was Two Class Tuesday for this #classpassambassador! This week through ClassPass, I ran towards the strength at Mile High Run Club with the great Laura Cozik guiding us through our run! She told us a great story about a guy who had met his "navy seal," someone who pushes him to do better when he gets stagnant, and as she was telling this story I looked over at one of my best friends, Paul, and said you are my "navy seal" because you push me to do better and change things up.

Call Me Adam at CrossFit SOLACEAfter a challenging run in the morning, I went to build my strength at CrossFit SOLACE with killer instructor Kenny Santucci. Kenny's class always pushes me beyond my limits because Kenny tells us what weight to use and there is no going lower than what he says, so it forces you to get stronger. He had me lifting much heavier than normal, but I was lucky that evening because my second "navy seal," my other best friend Joe, was there with me encouraging me to work harder. How could I not, Joe was lifting even more than I was told to.

I was exhausted after class, but I made through this enduring day because I had my two "navy seals" with me encouraging me to improve my life #onepercentbettereveryday!

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One Percent Better: Boxing Bell

Juan Hidalgo and Call Me Adam at BFX Studio's Box and Bell in NYCGet inspired! Title Boxing NYC meets BFX Studio's "Box and Bell," via ClassPass taught by Juan Hidaglo! This #classpassambassador took what he learned from Title Boxing & tried BFX's Box & Bell. Juan's class was a total knockout! Love combining the skills of both studios and improving my life by #onepercentbetter everyday!

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One Percent Better: 1/2 my body weight

Call Me Adam and Kenny Santucci at Crossfit SolaceThank You Crossfit Solace, Kenny Santucci, and ClassPass for helping make this #classpassambassador #SOLACEstrong! Kenny, you always push me to the max, even when I have no energy left! But because you made me lift about 1/2 my body weight in #kettlebell squats, I have now been able to do that weight in all my other classes! Thank You for making me #onepercentbetter everyday! See you soon!

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One Percent Better: Two Class Tuesday 

Call Me Adam and Tyler Manzo (shirt provided by Outdoor Voices) at Brick New York Grand CentralFor this #classpassambassador, today was Two Class Tuesday via ClassPass! It started off with Brick New York's B/X class, a crossfit circuit class with one of my favorite instructors, Tyler Manzo. This B/X class was a killer! From running to rowing to spin bikes to weights, I worked and half way through class I had to pray I would make it through, but I made it! And I Thank You Tyler for challenging me to do better than my best to #onepercentbettereveryday! 

Claire Gould and Call Me Adam (shorts provided by Outdoor Voices) at BFX Studio in Chelsea, NYCIn my second class of the day via ClassPass, this #classpassambassador got Claireified at BFX Studio with another favorite instructor of mine, Claire Gould. From jump squats to pushups to planks, Claire brought it on in her 8pm Burn class! Can't wait to getclairefed again & continue to improve my life by #onepercentbettereveryday!

(A special Thank You to Outdoor Voices via ClassPass for this great workout shirt and shorts!)

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