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It's Showtime with Call Me Adam July 2 Guests: Rib Hillis, Elena Grinenko, Brian Chapman


Get ready for another great broadcast of It's Showtime with Call Me Adam this Wednesday, July 2 from 7pm-8pm on YTP RadioScheduled guests are Actor Rib Hillis, Dancing with the Stars' Elena Grinenko, and Brian Chapman, founder of Black Giraffe Dancing Adventures.  All three are organizing a trip to hike Tanzania and set a Guinness World Record for the "Highest Altitude Group Dance on Land."

The phone lines will be open from 7pm-8pm, so give us a call at 646-478-0328.

Tweet your questions to me @CallMeAdamNYC

There's also going to be great music in between! So come have fun with us this Wednesday, July 2 from 7pm-8pm on YTP Radio via Blogtalk Radio! It's going to be a blast!

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