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Call Answered: Interview with actor Bruce Sabath

When I saw Cagney, The Musical a few months ago, I was so taken by the show. A great old-fashioned musical about one of Hollywood's biggest actors as well as a whole lot of top-notch tap-dancing! One of my favorite characters in the show was that of "Jack Warner," played so eloquently by Bruce Sabath. I loved the way Bruce portrayed Jack's excitement, wrath, & business tactics. Cagney: The Musical plays at The Westside Theatre in NYC thru 5/28 only!



Call Answered: Interview with rising actress Emily Kratter

Another rising actress that has recently come to my attention is Emily Kratter. From theatre to film to TV, Emily is appearing everywhere! She's currently starring in Axis Theatre Company's revival Dead End, a Broadway hit in 1936, which takes place in a New York where stark contrasts illuminate with an understanding of their mythology as well as their contemporary mirror in the city of today. Dead End plays Axis Theatre thru 5/20!



Call Answered: Interview with Christina Franklin, playwright/director 

In Sunset Boulevard, "Norma Desmond" sings "I've come home at last!" & that is what I love about Christina Franklin's journey w/TADA! Youth Theater. She started out in TADA's! Youth Ensemble & now has come back as the writer/director of their latest production, New York, New Year, which tells the story of "Tess" who moves to NYC in the middle of the school year from her hometown of Missouri & wonders how she will fit in. New York, New Year plays TADA! Youth Theater 4/29-5/21!



Call Answered: Part 2 with "Feud: Bette and Joan" writer Michael Zam

If you loved the finale of Feud: Bette and Joan, then be sure to check out the second part of my interview with Feud writer Michael Zam, who gives us the backstage stories that didn't make it into the show as well as some insight to Bette Davis & Joan Crawford! Live from The Algonquin Hotel, Michael Zam & I go at it again with even more tales from Feud: Bette and Joan!



Call Redialed: NEW interview with Joe Gulla, award winning playwright

What can I say about the man who adores me to no end? I can't believe I've known Joe Gulla for eight years, seeing him go from fellow blogger to award winning playwright! I'm thrilled to bring this NEW interview to you about Joe's latest play, GARBO, recounting his three-year "unrequited" love affair with the bartender/owner of the tiny, hidden, candle-lit Garbo Bar in Rome, Italy. GARBO will be presented in the 2017 Downtown Urban Arts Festival on Tuesday, 5/9 at 7pm at The Cherry Lane Theatre!