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Recap: Out of Darkness: Walk to Prevent Suicide


This past Sunday (October 24), I participated in "Out of Darkness: The Walk To Prevent Suicide," walking with "The Beaten Path" team. Along with 800 other walkers, we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and back to Manhattan. Our team raised over $1900 and the walk itself raised over $125,000 with no corporate sponsorships. All of that money was raised by the participants!

The Beaten Path Team
The Beaten Path Team with Overseas Trainers







It was truly a day of coming together and getting the word out about how suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant

Bobby Cronin performed two songs ("Daybreak" sung by the amazing Ray Lee and "The Best Is Yet To Come" sung by the equally amazing and upcoming participant Jenn Furman). Both songs of hope were the perfect fit and both Ray and Jenn really hit the mark!

Ray Lee and Bobby Cronin singing Bobby Cronin's "Daybreak"
Jenn Furman singing Bobby Cronin's "The Best Is Yet To Come"













It's not too late to help support this great cause...donations are being accepted until December 31. Please give what you can...


Jimmies Sweet Shop

If you are looking for that perfectly baked, deliciously tasting, mouth-watering baked good, then I suggest you take a look at "Jimmies Sweet Shop," a newly started baked good on-line store founded and run by my friend and baker extraordinaire Rebecca! Rebecca has been baking for well over a decade delighting her friends and coworkers with all things delicious from cookies to cupcakes! Give someone you love the sweetest gift that they will surely remember well after it's gone...


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! It may be a holiday weekend, but here at "Adaumbelle's Quest" we'll still be working, so don't forget to check back on Sunday the latest interview....

Enjoy your holiday, be safe, come back on Sunday, and thank you for taking time out to read "Adaumbelle's Quest!"

"Mother, Mirror" by Lisa Lewis

My friend Lisa Lewis is published in the May 2010 issue of "Elle" magazine! Take a look at this personal, insightful, and inspirational article about learning to love yourself and how GREAT it can make you feel!

Congratulations Lisa! You deserve this!!

"Mother, Mirror"

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Backstage at "Memphis"

On Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010, I had the unique opportunity to go backstage after seeing the matinee performance of "Memphis." (Click for my review and re-review). I was invited by fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Derrick Baskin, who is one of the principal actors in the show, playing the role of "Gator." My family and I felt privileged to walk onto a real Broadway stage and see the theatre from a different perspective. Although Derrick must have been tired and he still had another show to perform, with great enthusiasm, he showed us the magic of how the set works. That greatly added to the enjoyment of the magnificent show I had just seen. The set designers should really be applauded for their remarkable work. While it seems effortless from the audience's perspective, we got a glimpse of the hard work and detailed coordination that goes into bringing the set to life at each performance.

Derrick also introduced us to two of the other principle cast members, Montego Glover who plays "Felicia" and James Monroe Iglehart who plays "Bobby." They were very gracious and warm when speaking to us. In addition to these cast members, I also had the opportunity to speak to two of the producers of the show, Chase Mishkin and Randy Adams...What a treat to meet two of the masterminds behind this show. As we were leaving the stagedoor, we also spoke to another principal cast member, fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Chad Kimball, who plays "Huey." It was great to catch up with him and I appreciated the time he took to talk with me. It's apparent by the enthusiasm of the cast that they are enjoying the show. So treat yourself and someone you enjoy and go see "Memphis!"

THANK YOU Derrick and the rest of the cast for a wonderful and unique experience! See you soon...

Enjoy a picture story of my time backstage:

Adam & Derrick BaskinAdam, Montego Glover, Derrick BaskinChad Kimball "Memphis" Stage DoorAdam & Chad KimballDerrick Baskin "Memphis" Stage DoorMontego Glover "Memphis" Stage Door