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“You Have To Believe": Dave Audé featuring Olivia Newton-John & Chloe Lattanzi

Check out Dave Audé's new video for You Have To Believe, a remix of Olivia Newton-John's hit song "Magic" from the 1980 movie musical Xanadu, featuring Olivia herself and her daughter Chloe Latanzi! With additional lyrics by Chloe, this is one song that will keep you dancing all night long! "You Have To Believe" it's worth watching! Click here to purchase the single and click here to purchase the video!

"You Have To Believe" music video featuring Olivia Newton-John and her daugther, Chloe Latanzi:


Jason Dottley's It's Our Night Video

With the release of his fourth record, It's Our Night, Jason Dottley, (from Sordid Lives: The Series) is on top of his game! His video for the song, filmed in the likes of my favorite Madonna video Bad Girl, has Jason out on the town, protecting the innocent and finding love, in this action-packed video. I think this video gives a new dimension to Jason, for he is quite good in his James Bondesque role. If this song is any indication of what's to come, the full length album is gonna ROCK! Jason's voice has really grown since he released Pop It, Party Round The Worldand Hit Play. Check out the video below, then go to iTunes and buy the single! 

Jason Dottley's It's Our Night

Madonna Bad Girl