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Adam's Call: TYCE's debut album "Hero"

Jim Steinman's songs have been the soundtrack to my life. From Mea Loaf to Bonnie Tyler to Celine Dion, I love them all! When I got TYCE's album Hero, featuring the songs of Jim Steinman, earlier this year, I could not stop listening to it. Nine months later, I'm still addicted to this fantastic album! With the edginess of Meat Loaf & the power of Celine Dion, every track brings a different part of TYCE's voice to the forefront. I can't wait to see what he does next!



Call Answered: Interview with actress Jessica Morris

Best known for her portrayal of "Jennifer Rappaport" on ABC’s One Life to Live, I am not surprised how much Jessica Morris has going on! I was exhausted just reading about it. So needless to say, I had to find out she does it all. Jessica can be seen in so many things right now, I don't know how she had the time to do our interview, but she did and I couldn't be more grateful!

This holiday season be sure to stay glued to your TV because you'll get to see Jessica along with Vivica A. Fox & Rib Hillis in ION's original holiday movie A Christmas Cruise airing 12/16 at 9pm & on 12/29 in The Wrong Man on Lifetime Movie Network. Additionally, Jessica is currently filming the second season of Amazon's Ladies of the Lake which returns summer 2018!



Call Answered: Interview with Tony Nominee Sarah Stiles

One of my favorite musicals is Avenue Q! A few years ago, I got to feel special when I saw Sarah Stiles as "Kate Monster/Lucy the Slut." Now, I am able to return the favor & make Sarah feel special with this fun interview about the return of her show Squirrel Heart at Joe's Pub this January! Cartwheels at birth, pooping nerves, working in Television & Theatre, developing Squirrel Heart, Sarah & I cover it all! Squirrel Heart will play Joe's Pub 1/3/18 7pm & 1/8/18 9:30pm!



Call Answered: Interview with Frances Ruffelle, "Les Misérables" original "Eponine"

One of my all time favorite musicals is Les Misérables, so how excited was I when, "On My Own," I got asked to interview the show's original "Eponine" (London & Broadway), Frances Ruffelle! Frances returns to The Green Room 42 with her show Frances Ruffelle Live(s) in New York, an intimate evening of song that whispers seductive secrets, lays bare the naked truth & explodes with the one of a kind bottle rocket charisma. Frances Ruffelle Live(s) in New York plays Saturday, 12/9 at 7pm!



Call Answered: Interview with horror film writer/director Megan Freels Johnston

As an ice cream & horror film lover myself, I couldn't wait to get the big scoop on Megan Freels Johnston's The Ice Cream Truck, a provocative psychological thriller about a woman who moves back to her suburban hometown after her husband gets relocated for work. Although the move makes her nostalgic for her youth, there’s something very sinister about that Ice Cream Truck that patrols her suburb. The Ice Cream Truck is available on DVD thru Amazon!