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Call Answered: Interview with playwright Andrew Bergh

The hills are alive with the sound of Heil Hitler! Ever since I was a kid, I have loved The Sound of Music. The one part of the film I never cared for was the part about the Von Trapp's being chased by the Nazi's, but when I heard about Andrew Bergh's show The Radicalization of Rolfe, a new play inspired by the secondary, but vital character of "Rolfe" and his climb through the Third Reich while incorporating the questioning of "Rolfe's" sexuality, I was very intrigued. The Radicalization of Rolfe will play the SoHo Playhouse as part of the Fringe Encore Series from October 23-29!



Call Answered: Interview with director/actor Antonio Minino

Between the worlds of theatre & fitness, I have known Antonio Minino for several years, so it's with great pleasure that we finally talk about his work! Antonio is currently directing the new play Anaïs Nin Goes to Hell, an existential comedy centered around some of the most powerful & memorable women of history as they wait for the final leg of their soul’s journey to eternal peace or damnation. Antonio & I discuss the many themes of this show: death, sex & power. Anaïs Nin Goes to Hell plays at the 14th Street Y through 10/29! 




Call Answered: Joint interview with co-authors Baltimore Russell & Jennifer Pallanich

I first came to know Baltimore Russell when he and his husband, John Dylan DeLaTorre, created the web media series People You Know. When I found out Baltimore & his sister, Jennifer Pallanich, were writing their debut fiction book together, I knew I just had to get the inside scoop! Luckily, Jennifer & Baltimore answered my call & I got all the details on their first novel, Awakening (Children of the Solstice Book 1), a fictional story where disasters ring the planet as the earth cries out for heroes to save it. Can these Children of the Solstice work well enough together & master their new powers in time to halt the prophecy and save humanity from cataclysmic devastation? Awakening (Children of the Solstice Book 1) will be released on October 18!



Call Answered: Interview with actor/producer Guy Kent

I love the brisk autumn air, but summer is my favorite season because the days are so long. When I heard Autumn Lights was filmed in Iceland during their longest daylight season, I felt an instant connection. Autumn Lights is about an American photographer in Iceland who becomes entangled with an enigmatic European couple. I had the pleasure of interviewing the film's lead actor Guy Kent. Autumn Lights will have a limited released starting 10/21, including NYC's Cinema Village East!



Call Answered: Interview with actor Trey Gerrald

I am a big fan of Jonathan Tolins' Buyer & Cellar, a hilarious play about an underemployed actor working for Barbra Streisand. It is such a well written show that no matter who plays the part, it's going to be a hit! Which brings us to Trey Gerrald. It's so exciting to get to interview Trey about one of my favorite plays which was inspired by one of the world's greatest entertainers. "Buyer & Cellar" will play Cape May Stage 10/19-11/18!